About Us - Me & My Pets

         My name is Shirley and I live in Texas. I have two wonderful pets an English Bulldog named Squishy and a Basset Hound named Thor.

How the Collar Attachments Came About...

         I developed the Squishy Pet Products Sprinkles! Collar Attachment after attempting to find something cute for Squishy to wear on her collar. Squishy has short hair and I couldn't find anything for her! So I made some, then people started asking where I got them. I applied for a patent and started to manufacture them. They give a custom fit by simply cutting the attachment for the collar you already own. Our Collar Attachments work perfect for long or short haired pets. Since your pet wears a collar anyway they might as well look CUTE!

Made in the USA!!

         Our Squishy Pet Products Sprinkles! Collar Attachments are made in the USA. Many people suggested I use an overseas manufacturer. They said it would be cheaper and that I couldn't get it done in America. I use everything that I can find from American companies in my product. Not that we don't appreciate other countries goods. We use them too and are open to review any suggestions. It can be challenging to find USA products at this time. If you know of a company making goods in the USA, that would work well with our collar attachment or any other suggestions please contact us.

Free Shipping in the USA!

Our Friends from other countries use the Contact Page for shipping prices.

Pets in Need

         A portion of every sell is donated to animal rescue! We love pets and when you shop with Squishy Pet Products you are loving pets too!! We donate money to animal rescue out of every single sell! For information click on the Pets In Need page.


Squishy and Thor say: "SPRINKLE YOUR PETS WITH LOVE"