How to Attach

Remove your pet’s collar.
Place the collar attachment on your pet's collar and fold the end with only one piece of Velcro over the top of the collar.
While holding the top, stretch the bottom of the collar attachment and wrap it around the backside of the collar. Attach the bottom to the top.

Tip: Stretching the attachment ensures that it won't slide around after it is fastened.
Look at the collar attachment and see which of the three Velcro pieces is needed to affix the attachment to your pet’s collar.
Trim the collar attachment.
Small collars
trim off two strips of Velcro
Medium collars
trim off one strip of Velcro
Large collars
no trimming necessary
X-Large collars
stretch to fit
Never trim the side with just ONE piece of Velcro!!!
Reattach the collar attachment to your pet’s collar and the collar to your pet.

"Sprinkle Your Pets With Love!"

Never leave your pets unattended while wearing a collar attachment